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    What is an A record? It is an entry within a hosting's Domain Name System (DNS) zone file that matches every top-level or subdomain with an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Therefore, it reveals the IP address where each domain is hosted. This means that one website can be hosted in numerous addresses especially when it has several sub-domains. This is particularly useful so that hacker attacks cannot cripple a website entirely.

    Website administrators can key in readable domains while the system assigns an IP address for it. In a table that shows A-records, the usual elements are the host record, the "points to" section and the TTL. The host record refers to the domains that are associated with the website. The typical entries on this field are the "@", the "localhost" and the "ftp". The "@" refers to the top-level domain while the localhost pertains where the domain is hosted. Meanwhile, FTP or file transfer protocol is where the files uploaded to the website are stored.

    The next part is the "points to" and this is where the IP addresses for the domains are shown. Next, the TTL stands for "time to live" which is the amount of time that can pass before the record is cached by the Domain Name System server. It's valued is often quantified in seconds, and the lowest allowed time for every A-record is 14400 seconds or four hours. This region cannot be edited for it relies on the system's performance.

    To edit A-records, you can click on "Modify" at the Action column and key in the necessary data. You can also remove a record but make sure that it will not affect the performance of the website. The modifying of A-records is particularly important when a registered top-level domain will be used to divert traffic from a free blog. However, these changes might take a day before becoming operational.

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