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    I Got Less Installs For What I Ordered

    I Got Less Installs For What I Ordered


    Before open a ticket please make sure:

    1. Did you wait up to 48hrs? 
    2. Did you check the date of the installs with your Google play dasboard? The amount should be reflected but also because of the time server some installs might be reflected on a different day. Not sure how to do this? Read here.

    Understanding Google Play Reports And Time Zones

    Google Play lets you define the timezone for your developer account. All installs globally are reported by Google Play using this timezone.

    To compare Google Play reports to MAT platform reports, get the timezone for your Google Play developer account. Then ensure the timezone for your user in the MAT platform is set to the same timezone as Google Play. When you change the setting in the MAT platform, you must logout and log back in for the timezone change to take effect in your reports. Now you can compare Google Play reports to MAT platform reports because both systems are displaying data in the same timezone.  

    There may still be discrepancies because the Google Play reports measure Installs at Download while MAT measures them when the app is first run. There may be a lag between the two events. It is also much easier on Android to download from other app stores than it is on iOS, so if you have a paid app that is being pirated we will record the first run even though Google Play never saw a download.

    3. Make sure that you're looking at the "DAILY INSTALLS PER DEVICE" and NOT "CURRENT INSTALLS BY DEVICE".

    If after after checked the 3 points described above you still not seeing the installs expected. Please send us the .zip file from your Google Play App's console.

    Check the images to learn how:
    Once you have the .zip file (the name should be something like "") Please open a ticket support on the top menu explaining the full situation (how many installs did you order, name of the app, etc). You will need to send us the file in order to do the proper claim.
    IMPORTANT: Please select all the options when you export so we can have enough information to do the analysis.

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